May 18. 2022

Alternate Shot 2 Man Teams

Flight Winners $10,00 PRO SHOP CREDIT, 2ND Rich Russo$7.50, 3RD $5.00, 4th N/A

Closest to Pins $5

1St Flight Rick Schliefer and RIck Vandeventer 69.2, JOhn Lukasik and Dave Radeschi 73.6, Tony Dellavalle and Nick Spadafino 78.8

2nd Flight Frank Viglarolo and Rich Russo 70.4, Mark Bishop and Dan Stewart 74, Norm Kersh and Sam Shakespear 75

3rd Flight Carl Censoplano and Roy Webb 75.6, Sam Petracce and John Shegda 76.2, Rich Fotana and Tai Kim 76.8

4th Flight  N/A

Closest to Pin:

3rd Hole TBD

6th Hole Tony Dellavalle 17ft 10 in

13th Hole Jeff Schoolcraft 13 ft

17th Hole: John Lukasik 12 ft 7 in

* = Match of card winner