Our Mission Statement

The Italian American Cultural Club is the largest club at Westlake and for good reason.  We are a club that is dedicated to preserving our Italian Heritage through our Cultural Events, through our Social Events, through our charities and scholarship program and through our music and food.  We are proud of our history and invite all of Westlake to join our club, no matter what nationality or ethnic group, to share in our celebration of Italians.

The Italian Club is an active group with a social event or cultural meeting each month.  We have four cultural meetings a year, these meetings emphasize and educate our members on the Italian Culture, whether it be through music, lectures, videos or demonstrations.  These meetings are open to all members, usually take place the third Monday of each month, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.  Refreshments are served at all our meetings.  There is a short business meeting first and then on to the program.  Meetings typically are in February, May, July and August, but that may vary from year to year.

The social events take place during the other months with the exception of January.    Whether it be Carnavale, Italian Trivia, Comedians or dancing, everyone has great time.  The food is always delicious and well planned, the music and entertainment outstanding and all our members look forward to whatever is coming next.  In September we have an authentic Italian Feast, a Pizza Party in October, a Veteran’s Brunch in November and in December, a Christmas Party.

Our club also sponsors trips off-site, in the past, we  have had trips to Ellis Island, Sight and Sound in Lancaster, Pa., Washington DC, mini-vacations to local resorts, and a European Cruise is planned for September 2018.

Our year runs from January 1st to December 31st, with Membership Forms being distributed in mid-November.   Annual dues are $25.00 per person, open only to Westlake residents.  Single people who do join are allowed to bring one guest as long as the guest does not live at Westlake.

There is a very valid reason why our club is successful.  Our board consists of a group dedicated members who have worked hard for many years to make our club what it is today.  There is also a variety of committee members who work diligently to give us the best entertainment, food and experiences anyone can ask for.

Our club is definitely one to look into, we hope to see you all there.