The Westlake Singles Club, aka Singular Sensations is in a state of transition.  Over the past two years it has been growing rapidly and we are striving to meet the changing needs of our members. The club was originally founded to make it easier for single seniors to enjoy life by providing entertainment and opportunities to socialize.  We will also provide programs on health and safety whenever possible.
Joining our club opens the door to meeting new friends through socialization and culture, including travel, plays, excursions etc. Every month is filled with exhilarating and sometimes unusual events.  We have expanded into the weekends as well, and that seems to be very popular.  Most importantly, there is a feeling of closeness knowing that there are people with whom you can share your interests.
If you no longer enjoy driving, our events usually include a registration form which asks if you “want a ride” or “can give a ride”. This way every member can participate.
Our new Singular Sensations Newsletter is intended to be used as a reference, as well as for general reading. It contain the names and phone numbers of the various committee chairs and our Board of Directors.  It also contains the many services available from Ocean County and community organizations, as well as anything else that may be of interest to our members. Pictures and descriptions of recent events, as well as a list of future ones will be included.
We need your help to better serve your needs. If you have any ideas that you think would benefit our members please let me know.  And, most importantly, be sure to tell your single friends and neighbors about us as we strive to put a little “sunshine” in all of our lives.

Judy Dubow 732-833-6790


Singular Sensations

January 26, 2022