Westlake On the Move is a special group of ladies united by our President  Linda Caristo, who brings encouragement , enthusiasm ,and a big smile each and every morning. Some say we are movers and shakers.  We meet weekday mornings Monday though Friday for one hour in the spacious and air conditioned Aerobics Room which is across from the gym in our clubhouse.

Class Schedule – CLICK HERE

If the time is changed everyone is notified.

Monday we do a 3 Mile Cardio/Aerobic Walk
Tuesday we do a Zumba  Cardio Dance Class
Wednesday we do a 3 Mile Walk with Weight Training
Thursday we do a Zumba Cardio Dance Class
Friday we do a 3 Mile Walk with Weight Training

Everyone is welcome to join us even men are welcome and the only fee is a smile and saying Good morning as you enter the room. So grab your sneakers and workout attire and come get fit and stay healthy and happy !

Motto of the Month

Every day is a precious gift ! So lets embrace each day with exercising and dancing to maintain good health and staying young ! Life is the MOMENT !