1. The bylaws of the club will follow all the rules commonly referred to as Roberts Rules of Order.

  2. The club will consist of four officers and three trustees, for an initial total of seven Board members. The Board has the right to add new trustees as the need dictates.

  3. Annually in September, the members of the club will vote for two new trustees to replace the current rotating Board members. Votes will be tabulated by the Secretary and audited by the President. If either the Secretary or President are running for re-election, then an independent Officer will conduct the tabulation and / or audit.

  4. The duties of the officers will be what the duties of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer are in any social and athletic organization in Westlake Golf and Country Club.

  5. The election of Officers will be held on the first Monday of October each year. The term of officers will be one year, but there is no maximum number of years that an officer can serve. Annually, the entire Pickleball Board will determine via a vote who holds what office and title for the following year.

  6. Dues have been established at $20 per year to join the club. This is subject to change based on the needs of the club.

  7. The club currently has members that have various skill levels. The goal of the club is to teach the beginners the fundamentals of the game of Pickleball, so that all residents of Westlake will be able to play the game and have the opportunity for exercise.

  8. Starting around April 1st each year, play will commence for members in good standing during regular play times and days. Reserved club times are daily from 08:00AM till 02:00PM, and 06:00PM till 9:00PM. During non-club times and Sundays, other members of the community are free to use the courts at their leisure. Males and females will NOT be segregated.

  9. Meetings will be held at the courts as deemed necessary unless the officers request a different meeting location. The membership will be notified of all general meetings in advance.

Revised: March 25, 2024