Sign on by selecting the link :  You will be on the Amazonsmile website.  If you are already an Amazon customer you sign in here with your password.  If you are not an Amazon customer you can now create an Amazon account.  Your account now opens to Smile each time you make a purchase from Amazon. 
You will be asked what charity you wish to support.  We are listed as Wags-Jackson NJ on the drop down menu.   Click on that. Whenever you go to your account to make purchases you will see a note at top of your page stating that you are supporting WAGs.  At the top left corner you will see that you are on AmazonSmile. It’s easy! It’s Free! It adds to the WAGs Medical Fund bank account.

Special Event Donations

Asking friends/family to give WAGs donations for your special event, birthday, anniversary.  One of our members posted her birthday on Facebook and asked for donations…we got almost $100!
Contact Barbara Kaminsky (


Monthly stipends directed to us via automatic deposits. Some of our members already do this.  As little as $10 a month adds up. 
Please consult Barbara Kaminsky ( for more details.

Mexican Train Game

How about having a fun time with your friends playing an easy game in the clubhouse once a week? Get on board the Mexican Train! Our income from that can sometimes be as much as $100 per month.
Contact Sue Taylor (