Women’s Club Awardees 2022


The Women’s Club at Westlake Scholarship Program provides grant(s) to qualified female residents of Jackson, N.J., who have been accepted into a post high school educational or training program and meet any one of the following categories:

• Currently completing high school and in need of financial assistance, i.e., enrollment, books, fees for entrance into higher education or vocational training, OR

• Currently working and planning to enroll in a program to enhance skills or make a career change or desiring further education, OR

• Not working but desiring job training skills or retraining, OR

• Registered in either public school or vocational school in a continuing education program.

This scholarship opportunity has been created to provide financial assistance to any female resident of Jackson, N.J., who would like to begin or continue a course of study at an accredited school. The funds may be used toward tuition or supplies.


  • Complete the Women’s Club at Westlake Scholarship Application.
  • Provide a copy of the school acceptance letter with your application.
  • Demonstrate financial need and how scholarship will be used.
  • Provide two (2) current reference recommendation letter on professional/official letterhead from a school or employer with date and signature.  If graduating high school, at least one letter should be from an official school faculty member.
  • Provide a copy of your high school transcripts.  If you are attending or had attended college, also provide a copy of your current and previous transcripts.


Please click the link below for Scholarship Application

Scholarship 2023 criteria & application