Maintaining Balance in Active Retirement Communities

Staying active is the key to enjoying and prolonging your golden years. Living in active retirement communities helps you maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but making your fitness a regimen makes a real difference. For older adults, consistent, not vigorous, exercise is the way to go. As the body’s muscles and bones grow weaker … Read More

The Westlake Women’s Golf Association (WWGA) Charitable Gift to the 1LT Dennis W. Zilinski, II Memorial Fund

On November 8th, 2016 key members of the Westlake Women’s Golf Association (WWGA) presented a charitable donation in the amount of $17,421.00 towards the 1LT Dennis W. Zilinski, II Memorial Fund. This extraordinary amount was made possible thanks to the efforts of countless many who participated in the WWGA “Keep It Local” Charity tournament on … Read More

Stress Relief: Physical Activity Relieves Stress

Everyone has stress, even those of us with the most luxurious lifestyles. What separates the constantly stressed from the folks who are cool and collected, is simply a matter of stress relief management. Some of us just use the right techniques like mindfulness, healthy eating, physical activity and social support to handle our negative or … Read More

The Women’s Club at Westlake Golf and Country Club Recognizes Women Scholars!

Over $50,000 and counting!  Throughout the years, that is the amount awarded to deserving students in Jackson, New Jersey by the Westlake Golf and Country Club Women’s Club!  Each year educational scholarships to outstanding young women for excellence in academics and community service are granted.  This year, seven (7) recipients pursuing college and technical degrees … Read More

Westlake Women’s Golf Association (WWGA) Annual “Keep it Local” Fundraiser Charity Tournament – Courtesy of Sharon Wolff

The Westlake Women’s Golf Association (WWGA) raised over $10,000 for the Jackson Food Pantry last year.  Continuing with their “Keep It Local” theme, this year’s charity event will benefit the Central Jersey Wounded Warrior Program, an organization that works to improve the lives of veterans.  The Westlake Golf and Country Club will host the event … Read More

“Par for the Corpse” Westlake Women’s Golf Association (WWGA) Member-Guest Tournament – Courtesy of Cheryl Johnston

The Westlake Women’s Golf Association (WWGA) will sponsor its annual Member/Guest Golf Tournament. The tournament is open to all WWGA members and their guests.  This year’s theme is a murder mystery, based loosely on the classic Parker Brothers game of Clue.  All players will be asked to help solve the mystery of who killed “Ms. … Read More