Another November to Be Thankful!

Another November to be Thankful!  Yes, but not just because it’s time for Turkey, the trimmings and gatherings for Thanksgiving!  During the month of October, our Westlake Golf & Country Club Newsletter recognized the many clubs and committees that were caringly committed in support of charitable organizations. This month we at Westlake remember and give … Read More

Maintaining Balance in Active Retirement Communities

Staying active is the key to enjoying and prolonging your golden years. Living in active retirement communities helps you maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but making your fitness a regimen makes a real difference. For older adults, consistent, not vigorous, exercise is the way to go. As the body’s muscles and bones grow weaker … Read More

Westlake Remembers Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary

On December 7th, 2016 Westlake remembered the attack on Pearl Harbor 75 years earlier with a flag raising and brief ceremony. A flag that was flown over the U.S.S. Arizona in 1981 was raised at 12:55 pm, the exact EST that the attack began. Members of the American Legion raised the flag and Major General Donald … Read More


(By Pat Gwozdz, Photos by John Hardy) Westlake Golf & Country Club is known as an exceptional place to enjoy a “resort style of living,” as well as, appreciating a great round of golf!  However, a very active lifestyle is only part of their reputation.  The residents of Westlake certainly have been busy serving our … Read More

Life After Retirement Can Be Rich

When people think about retiring, sometimes people worry that they will be bored and lonely. What is life like after work is done? It’s hard to imagine when you’ve been an integral part of a company, school or institution for years and now have to relearn how to live in some ways, after retirement. The … Read More

The Jackson Township Chamber of Commerce Showcases Local Businesses at Westlake Golf & Country Club!

By Pat Gwozdz, Photos by John Hardy The Evening of May 11th found residents of Jackson Township packing the Ballroom at Westlake Golf & Country Club (GCC) to attend the annual Business Expo presented by the Jackson Township Chamber of Commerce (JTCC).  Attending members of the Chamber were banks, attorneys, contractors, realtors, entertainment venues, together … Read More

Retirement Activities for 55+ to Enjoy

Welcome to retirement! Finally, after all your years of service to a job, you’re now one of the “retired people!” Of course, that doesn’t have to mean sitting around watching bad television reruns all day. Nowadays, there are plenty of 55+activities to be enjoyed. This is not your grandfather’s retirement era, so if you hate … Read More

Westlake Golf & Country Club “A Profile In Caring”

Photo by John Hardy Westlake Golf & Country Club has so many wonderful residents that go the “extra mile” in helping their neighbors and community! This distinction applies to our friend and Westlake Resident Gary Moliver, who demonstrates, “A Profile in Caring,” with his own creative initiative! Gary began working at the Jackson Food Pantry … Read More