How to Be the Best Grandparent

No matter how old a child is, chances are a trip to their grandparent’s house is one of their favorite things to do. Whether you’re new grandparents or have had your go around with this many times before, your relationship with your grandchild is going to have a lasting effect on both of your lives. So, what makes a great grandma or grandpa? Here are some family relationship tips that will ensure you’re making the most of your relationship with the little ones.

4 Reasons Grandparents and New Grandparents Are the Best

  1. Lots of fun things to do in NJ with grandma and grandpa.

Whether it’s for a summer sleepover, a holiday or just to stop by for a visit, gram and pop-pop (or whatever the kids like to call you) always have the most exciting things to do, the best stories and maybe even the perfect homes for a game of hide-and-seek. When you’re watching the little ones, you’ll find a ton of fun things to do in NJ with them, from a round of mini-golf, to a day at the zoo or even a quick trip to Six Flags Great Adventure. No matter what you choose to do to entertain them (and yourselves!) you can bet you’ll need all your energy!


  1. A different house to explore.

As grandparents or new grandparents, your house offers your grandchildren a new place to explore. The coolest part of houses are ones that are well-lived in, full of old stuff and plenty of nooks and crannies to hide in and discover. It’s the perfect setting for hide-and-seek with siblings and cousins on holidays, and the best place to find a quiet place to read or build a fort with grandparents during sleepovers. And when it comes to how to be the best grandparent, playing along goes a long way! Plus, if you live in a community with a pool, sunny days will be even more fun for you and the kids.


  1. Exciting stories to share.

Grandparents always have the best stories to tell. While kids always love having books read to them, when it comes to family relationship tips, sharing real-life stories is one of the best things to do. Kids love hearing about the way things were with adults when they were young. Plus, grandparents are especially good at doing storybooks voices as well, so either way, you’re sure to be a lot of fun come bedtime.


  1. Grandparents always have good food and candy to offer.

After a long life of following diets and exercise habits, grandparents know that the best thing at the end of a long day is a yummy piece of candy (or a handful!). New grandparents can learn a lot about how to be the BEST grandparent by always keeping a stocked drawer full of sweets. Plus, many grandparents are great cooks, so having some home-cooked meals together creates great memories. However, if you’re looking for fun things to do in NJ, asking your grandkids what kind of food they’d like to eat can lead you on a journey to some great local restaurants where you can share a nice meal.


The love that grandparents and children share is unconditional but the love of things you do together is so important to kids. If you want to learn how to be the best grandparent or you’re new grandparents in search of some solid family relationship tips, start here and you’ll go far.