There is only one type of membership in The Association:  General

It is open to all men who are members of the

Westlake Golf Club with golf privileges who share

an interest in the purpose of the association.

Please complete application below and submit to Pro Shop along with your check in the amount of $150.00, Payable to the Westlake Men’s Golf Association, which is your dues for this year.

Membership YEAR ______________






Prior to joining, please read Rules 4 and 5 of the Rules for Play for Tee Preference.

TEE DESIGNATION: ( New Golf Committee rules allow players to select the tee box they want to play from and can move up one tee box based on their Index other than request to play RED TEES). Those under 80 with  a physical disability can petition the golf committee to play forward tees.

Player Tee Selection

Blue: Handicap Index of 10.0 or lower

Blue / White: Handicap Index of 12.0 or lower

WHITE: Handicap Index of 16.0 or lower.

WHITE/GOLD: Handicap Index of 16.1 or greater.

GOLD: Handicap Index of 20.0 or greater.

GOLD/RED: 25.1 or greater

RED: Age 80+ and Index of 28.0 or greater

Age 85 and up play from tee of their choice


TEE: BLUE______ BLUE / WHITE_____WHITE_______ WHITE/GOLD_________ GOLD______GOLD/RED_______ RED__________


Tee Changes Based on Index Changes:

 If a player does not wish to hit from the tee box indicated above, which is based on his Index, he may move forward one tee box. However this does not apply to players with an Index of 25.1 or higher. The index dictates they can play from Gold / Red tees. Also to hit from Red tees, a player must be age 80 or older and have an index of at least 30.0.

All dues payable prior to the start your play for the current year


Players participating in the weekly event cannot hold Linx Golf Management liable for any items missing or broken.


I would be interested in being on the WMGA Board of Directors _____________________