Westlake Singles Club is a social club for any Westlake resident with an interest in meeting and socializing with other single residents.  Our vision includes creating a network through which our members can easily enjoy many Westlake events.  We want to increase our members’ enjoyment of the activities sponsored by other Westlake organizations in the company of friends.  To facilitate this, we may connect our members with each other and assist in arrange tables, etc., for different Westlake events and programs.  This is the time of our lives to have fun!

Officers may consist of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary or Co-Presidents if no other positions have been filled.  Any position may have co-officers.  The Board consists of current members and immediate past president(s).  Other members (committee chairs) may be appointed temporarily for a designated period and vote.  The President(s) can appoint members on a pro tem basis.

Term of office shall be one year, renewable each year.  Officers will be chosen by nomination from the members and elected by a majority vote of a legal quorum meeting once a year in June.

Dues will be set by the Executive Board and collected by the Treasurer or President(s) in June.  New members joining after December 31st in the current year will pay one-half of the dues amount for the remainder of that calendar year.  The full dues amount will be payable June 1st of the next calendar year, if membership is renewed.

Meetings of the Executive Board and meetings and/or events/programs of the membership shall occur at our discretion.  Team meetings, which include club committees, will be on a regular basis as needed to discuss club business.  In addition to the entertaining and social events, we will also provide events/programs to address specific interests, needs and issues of single living.

Fund raising as approved by the membership shall take place, if needed.

A quorum consists of at least 1/3 of the membership.  To pass a vote, one more than ½ of those responding or those present shall be sufficient to pass any recommendation. In order to validate a Board vote, it needs one more than half of the existing members of the Board.


President(s) – shall run all Westlake Singles Club meetings, advise and oversee functions of all board members.  The president shall maintain documents relating to the club activities, members, by-laws, flyers, minutes, attendance and treasurer’s reports.  The president shall also handle treasurer’s responsibilities during the absence of the treasurer.

Vice President – shall represent the President when necessary and assist in activities of the Westlake Singles Club when needed and shall oversee committee activities.  The vice president will also head up the network system that includes member assistance and connectivity to other events in the clubhouse.

Treasurer – shall, along with the president, go to the appropriate bank and sign the necessary documents.  The treasurer shall maintain the WSC bank accounts by collecting checks for yearly dues, monies from raffles, trips, events, and programs and deposit same into the WSC bank account.  The Treasurer shall accept receipts for any expenditure and reimburse the member(s) for the expense.  The Treasurer shall report to the members at scheduled meetings the current balance, explanation of each expense and final total for the month.   A copy of the report shall be given to each executive board member.

Secretary – shall take minutes at each meeting and read them at the next meeting.  Minutes will be read and accepted by the following:  1) Executive board minutes read to executive board members; 2) Committee meeting minutes read to committee members; 3) Membership meeting minutes read to club members.  Copy of the minutes shall be given to each member of the executive board no more than 10 days after the meeting for review.


Membership – shall maintain a list of all paid members’ names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.  The committee shall address and submit application forms to the flyer distribution committee for the new club year.  New and repeat members shall fill out a form with their name, address, phone number and email address and month & day of their birth.  An updated list shall also be given to the flyer distribution committee.  Committee will also welcome and communicate with new members who are new to Westlake to help them become familiar with other members and the club’s activities and events.

Design/Decorations – shall provide centerpieces, decorations for various events/programs/activities of the Westlake Singles Club.

Flyer Distribution – shall receive the flyers for the next meeting/event/program/activity for distribution to the Westlake Singles members, all Westlake singles or all residents depending on the event.  Flyers should go out in a timely manner to ensure attendance.  Flyers should also be provided to the clubhouse to be listed on the Westlake website and kiosk in a timely manner to ensure the information gets communicated to the entire community.

Events/Activities Committee – shall work on planning events and activities along with the executive board for the entertainment of and information for the single residents and residents of Westlake.  Events will be on site and off site as determined by the committee with approval of the Board.

Entertainment Committee – shall research and provide activities, games, etc., at meetings, Meet & Greets or other events, as decided by the executive board.  Members shall submit ideas and budget to the Board for approval.

Refreshments Committee – shall provide refreshments at meetings, events and/or programs.  This includes keeping inventory on supplies and purchasing of needed supplies.  Members may be asked to provide refreshments at events if it is determined necessary by the executive board.

Raffle Committee – whenever appropriate, shall sell 50/50 tickets and/or raffle tickets at events, programs or meetings.

Birthday Recognition Committee – shall collect birthday information and provide cards, notes or acknowledgements to honor and recognize a member’s birthday.

Acknowledgements – shall send get well, sympathy and/or other cards for events in members’ lives.

All committees requiring money must get prior approval from the Executive Board.  Upon approval, committees will submit receipts to the Treasurer for reimbursement.  Expenditures of $20.00 or less do not require pre-approval from the Executive Board.