Westlake, WAGS, Warriors, and Kindred Souls; A Partnership of Service & Support!

By Susan Addelston, Diane Rubin & Pat Gwozdz (photos by John Hardy)

WAGS (Westlake Animal Group’s) is a sanctioned Club within Westlake Golf & Country Club, dedicated, “to educate and support Westlake pet owners and residents regarding animal health and safety,” and to “support the Volunteer Auxiliary for Animal Shelters (Jackson, NJ) by contributing to their medical fund.” Additionally the Club, “collects and distributes comfort items (bedding, toys, food equipment, etc.)” for the shelter.

Combine the Club’s mission with community presentations by groups such as Kindred Souls Canine Training Center, together with fundraising events for K9’s for Warriors, and you have a partnership that is worthy of extraordinary service and support.

Recently at Westlake, WAGs presented Kindred Souls Training Center’s Pete Campione and three special dogs. Showcasing the accomplishments the Center achieves in solving behavioral issues that prevent dogs from being turned in at animal shelters, proved how training lends itself to positive results.  Trained dogs can become wonderful companions, assistants and therapy animals, not to mention, a happy environment for both pet and owner.

Last May, WAGS put on a great event with another Jackson resident Sgt. Al Brenner (Ret.) and his service dog Diesel. The group raised over $10,000 to assist TAT (Troopers for Troops) to fund a rescue dog for training at the K9’s for Warriors facility in Florida.

WAGS is proud to announce that with the funds raised, another dog was saved and will graduate with their namesake! Accepting Wags, a two-year old mix of hound & retriever for training, not only provides a needy veteran that encourages a return to productivity, but also saves another rescued animal!

This past fall, the Westlake Women’s Golf Association raised over $13,000 to acquire and train a dog bearing the fitting name of Mulligan! Since then, our dog has passed his medical exam; however, he is still within his 30-day trial period.  So far so good!  The trainers believe he is doing well!

When it comes to supporting our fury brethren, our troops, and the love we share for all animals, Westlake Golf & Country Club’s generosity exemplifies a caring community committed to a partnership of service and support!

Kindred Dogs
Jennifer Evans & Edie, Pamela Miller & Dori, Pete Campione & Keef