Pictures of two boys playing a game similar to bocce were found in a cave in Egypt indicating that the game dates back as far as 5200 B.C.  Roman soldiers first played it with stones, then coconuts or other round objects, and the first prominent player was Emperor Augustus in 32 B.C.  During the middle ages, it spread to Europe, but was then banned by kings and the church in Italy and Spain; in Venice, participants were often imprisoned.  Some notables associated with bocce are Galileo, Garibaldi, Queen Elizabeth I, and Sir Francis Drake, who reportedly refused to set out to defend England against the Spanish Armada until he finished a game.  Bocce spread to other parts of the world, including America.  George Washington had a bocce court on his estate in Mt. Vernon.  With the influx of immigrants from Italy during the early 20th century, the game took root in lower Manhattan, where it still flourishes today.

To help this long-standing and amazing tradition continue, we encourage all residents to consider playing.  No previous experience is necessary. A player clinic will be scheduled at the bocce courts, between the registration and the start of play. Check the calendar of events for the exact date.  Registration forms for new and returning players are available in the Clubhouse.

As with any successful organization, volunteer members are at the core of the Westlake Bocce Club’s continuing growth.  The Club invites any and all to volunteer their time as referees, court masters, or assistant court masters.  You may also volunteer by indicating your preference at the bottom of your Bocce Club registration form.  Come join us for a summer of fun!!!