1. Start of the Season

  • Upon receipt of your packet, distribute a copy of the team roster and schedule to each team member.

2. Rules

  • You and your “teammates” should familiarize yourself with the rules prior to the start of the season.
  • Understand the league rules. There are usually Rules Committee or Board Members around during the matches who can handle or refer any questions you may have about bocce.  A full copy of the rules is kept courtside by the Court Master.

3. Commitment and Substitutes

  • Stress commitment to your team members
  • If someone cannot play, then they or the team captain should arrange for a substitute. Refer to the substitute list.  Substitutes must be Bocce Club members and cannot compete in the same league.

4. Cancellations / Inclement Weather

  • Court Masters will advise the Concierge of cancellations due to weather by 4 p.m.
  • Team Captains will confirm cancellation with Concierge desk.
  • Team Captains will advise team members of the cancellation.

5. Arrival and Forfeit Times

  • Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled game.
  • Games are forfeited if the team is incomplete or missing 10 minutes after the scheduled start time.
  • If a team has only one or no regulars present, regardless of the number of substitutes, it shall forfeit its match.
  • A team may play with a minimum of two regulars alone, only once per season. A second event, even if it involves two different regular members, shall result in a forfeit unless that team obtains at least one substitute.  The Court Master will record the information.  A team may play with two regulars and either one or two eligible substitutes any number of times, provided they abide by the “no permanent substitution” guideline.

6. Bulletin Board

  • League standings are posted on the front of the bulletin board.
  • The days schedule including court assignments and home/visitor designations are printed on the rear of the bulletin board.

7. Courtesy

  • Team members should introduce themselves to opponents at the start of play.
  • A ”good game” comment is appreciated at the end of the game, win or lose.

8. Communications with Referees

  • Only Captains may request a measurement and may confer with the referee regarding questions and challenges.
  • All team members shall remain in the player areas unless summoned by the referee.
  • A Captain may request that the referee ask the Court Master for a ruling when an issue cannot be resolved among the two Captains and the Referee. The Court Masters decision is final.

9. Lofting

  • Releasing the ball above waist high is not permitted as it damages the courts.

10. Score Reporting

  • Captains must report scores to the Court Master and initial the score sheet.
  • Captains must NOT remove final scores from the score board.

11. Sweeping the Court

  • The winning team, as a courtesy is expected to sweep the court after play is completed.

12. Web Site

  • Refer to the Bocce Club page on the Westlake website for rules, calendar of events, registration, information about the club, etc.