1). Familiarize yourself with the rules, particularly substitutions.

2). Determine if play is possible due to weather and/or court conditions.

2a. Consult with Court Master Coordinator or the club president on cancellations, if necessary.

2b. Advise team captains and the concierge desk if the session is cancelled.

3). Arrive at the courts 20 to 30 minutes prior to the first game.

4). Place 2 brooms behind the scoreboards (stored in the outside closet).

5). Place equipment on the courts and the scoreboards.

6). Place team names on the back of the bulletin board and team numbers on the scoreboard.

7). Sweep courts if necessary.

8). Open the umbrellas if shade is required.

9). Assign referees (if available).

10). Have team captains sign the score sheet at the end of each match.

11). When all matches have been completed, sign the score sheet and place it in the mailbox.

12). Return all equipment to their proper locations.

13). Close the umbrellas.

14). Turn off the lights before you leave.

15). The Court Master has the final decision on any and all problems and disputes during play. If the issue cannot be resolved during the matches, refer it to the Court Master Coordinator for resolution.